How It Works

We are a unique tax resource designed to give tax professionals a quick answer on any Federal tax situation. You can call us toll free at (800) 333-TAXX or submit a question online.  If you are a tax professional, your first call is free. 

Once you submit a question, a member of our professional staff will discuss the relevant facts and law.  If we are familiar with the issue, we will provide an immediate answer. If your question requires research, we will draw on our extensive resources to research your issue and provide you with a timely answer.  If needed, we can provide supporting documentation.

How Much Does It Cost?

Per Call Rate

You can use our service whenever you need it! No contract! No commitment! No minimum use! The first call is free if you are a tax professional.  After that we chage $7.00 per minute for phone time and email time.

Prepaid Package Rates

To save further, you can purchase prepaid packages.  There is no expiration date for any prepaid minutes and you can get per minute rates as low as $5.26.

Package Rates:

-Plan A: 190 minutes for $1,000

-Plan B: 125 minutes for $700

-Plan C: 55 minutes for $330

To order a package call us now at (800) 333-TAXX.


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